We are Gertjan and Yvette, owners of 't Stee van Anne P. Sunday 13 April 2014 we walked home through Brouwersgrêft and saw a note in the window of Anne P.'s cottage, reading: 'For sale', plus a telephone number.
We had not noticed that before. Gertjan having turned his hobby into his business – he is a carpenter and runs his own construction company (Bouwonderneming De Haan) – we walked around the cottage and noticed its bad state of repair. At the same time we noticed the large garden at the back of the house. We had never seen that before, because it had always been full of trees and shrubberies.

Yvette used to see Anne P. from time to time during the school handicraft courses. A few years earlier she had had contact with Anne P., in her capacity of secretary of the Village Committee about the possibility of a new use for the cottage. Because the cottage was in such a bad condition, the Village Committee and Anne P. did not come to an agreement.

While we were walking around the cottage, the words 'Bed & Breakfast' were muttered. Gertjan would be able to renovate the cottage all by himself… To cut a long story short: the viewing took place on a Monday and on Thursday 17 April we came to a verbal agreement. But not before we had discussed this with our children Siebe and Stijn. It so happened that the purchase would mean we wouldn't be able to go on holiday that year, because the construction industry holiday was to be used entirely for the renovation. Both were unanimous: go for it!

In fact the four of us are owners of 't Stee fan Anne P. We all have done our fair share, each in our own way. And now we all are as proud as Punch with the result!

If you call 't Stee fan Anne P. you will get one of us on the line:
Gertjan, self-employed carpenter, Bouwonderneming De Haan
Yvette, self-employed copywriter
Siebe, 25 years
Stijn, 23 years


  • TV and Free Wi-Fi
  • Fully equipped kitchen (including dishwasher and fridge with a freezer compartment)
  • Washing machine
  • Woodburning Stove
  • Enclosed garden with garden furniture

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't Stee fan Anne P.
Brouwersgrêft 5
9221 SZ  Rottevalle
Phone: (+31) (0) 6 15 22 12 60
E-Mail: info@tsteefanannep.nl

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